About Us

Hi! I’m Gabrielle, mom to two amazing boys ages 6 & 3! Our home is neuro diverse and there’s never a dull moment! I’ve learned as a mom that my boys sensory needs need to be incorporated in our every day life. I love what simple, sensory, minimalistic toys can do for my kids! My goal with Fortzee is to make every parent’s life easier! I know the sweet simplicity of a play couch has positively impacted our household and I’m excited for more moms to experience it as well. Happy building!



Hi Guys! I’m Michelle, mom to two girls (5 and 3 years old!) and soon to be one boy (Due in December!)! We have lived in New Hampshire for the past 3 years but myself and husband grew up in Massachusetts! Our Fortzee adventure began when Gabrielle said we should do this! I agreed and it rolled on from there! We felt like there was a need for a play couch with great customer service. We want to be the go to play couch company that is here for you! Fortzee hopes to be a customer happy company that polls for color options and ideas for add ons! We want you guys to help make this the best play couch in the market!